Landscape Gardeners on The Isle of Wight

Is your garden struggling with the heavy clay found across the Isle of Wight? Is your lawn waterlogged? Do you regularly find puddles which sit in your flowerbeds and take ages to drain away? You are not alone!

These are common problems found throughout the island and seriously affect plant growth and the health of lawns by reducing oxygen and the nutrients in the root zone. We have many years’ experience finding  the most suitable drainage solution to resolve a range of water saturation issues as well as reducing the risk of flooding. Let us help you reclaim your garden.

How we can help with your Drainage

  • We can design a tailor made drainage package customised for your garden’s soil type, aspect, plant profile and budget
  • We can use a number of techniques from simple, inexpensive soil and lawn improvements to a complete underground drainage system with your garden being returned to its original state
  • Construction can be surprisingly quick and inexpensive, delivering long lasting results to those wet, waterlogged and unusable areas in your garden

*FREE design package, including soil assessment and drainage potential with no obligation